Start by buying the dough unless you time to make your own. Spread the dough on you baking sheet. I actually started on a flat surface using the dough roller and then transferred it inside the sheet, pulling and adjusting it to it. Place the sheet in the freezer for at least five minutes.

Use the slicer on your four-sided grinder to slice the zucchinis and the tomatoes if you can. I ended up using my knife to thinly slice the red ripen tomatoes. So I sliced three zucchinis and two tomatoes. As you layer the sheet, use pink salt and black pepper as condiments. 

The pizza should look like this by now. Once you lay down all the zucchini, top as you please. I found two boiled potatoes and just add them to it. Drizzle with the oil of your choice and to the 350-degree oven. Cook for one hour.

1f60bAllow at least ten minutes for the pizza to cool down. Slice, serve and ENJOY.  

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