So I made this awesome puree of beets, turnips, potatoes, carrots, sweet potato and ginger that I described before as a ROOT VEGETABLE CREAM before and I’m using it to prepare lots of dishes. The result is amusing. In this case, I started by boiling chopped broccoli in water, salt, and pepper. I added the veggie cream and brought it to boil.

Once my mix got to the boiling point, I added the oatmeal and stirred, stirred, stirred until almost all the water was gone. You have to make sure the oatmeal is nice and soft.

I’m the kind of “grab whatever you can” kind of guy when I’m experimenting, so I used this metal bowl to empty my mix in. I coated it with extra virgin sunflower oil to avoid the cake from getting too glued to the metal.

After cooling it down, I just placed on this plate and voila.   ENJOY !


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