There is not much to do in order to serve this delicious dish. All you need to do to the ORGANIC Viana COW GIRl VEGGIE STEAKS is grill them. The sauce is so simple, you will laugh about it. In a pan heat up your oil, add black pepper and dried rosemary. Remove the rosemary before it starts to burn, throw your favorite mushrooms in it and let them cook for seven minutes. Make sure to cover them from time to time. Add heavy whipping cream, or half and a half, or whole milk (The three will work, it just depends on how thick you prefer the sauce). Let it boil until you get the texture you like. Don’t forget the salt. As you see, I pre-cooked peeled potato and baby carrots along with a beet for color purposes and during the sauce making process I also cooked spinach with salt, pepper, and oil. 

Feel free to enjoy this amazing dish with a glass of a bold, rich well-balanced wine, I had it wit an Elio Grasso Barolo 2012 and it was outstanding. Cooking must be a pleasure, just like eating is.

1f60b             ENJOY !

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