Step One, Cook the Beans

Soak the beans for at least two hours, rinse them good and proceed to cook at low flame in a filtered or distilled water for at least one and a half hours. Keep adding water until the beans get soft.  After that, add salt and the herb of your choice to flavor the beans, cover and turn off the flame. Every time you cook beans, feel free to cook a good size batch, use what you need and refrigerate the rest.

Watch Out For The Foam

The foam formed on top of the beans while cooking is not a good thing. You can either remove it until the beans look completely clean, or rinse them again and change the water.The foam happens because legumes are rich in saponins (a type of detergent). It contains nothing more and nothing less than the water in which you boil the beans, it just happens to trap air bubbles because of its physical properties. Not dangerous but it may cause gases to your tummy.

Refry the Beans

Since there is no oils or fat added to the beans, it is important that you heat up the oil or shortening of your choice in a saucepan, carefully add the beans. Always use the saucepan lid as a shield against hot oil. Proceed to smash once the beans are in the pan. Feel free to feed your baby with these beans.

Grill Serrano peppers and tomatoes



Get an avocado and PÁPALO ready. You are about to experience new flavors.

Just follow the steps on the picture

You’re Welcome!

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