I had and will always suggest the same thing when it comes to grains in general, soak them at least seven hours before cooking with them. The benefit of sprouting the grains is to get as many of the nutrients locked in them as possible. It is a fact that sprouted grains release up to ninety percent of them, versus only sixty percent from the non-sprouted ones.


Once the stew is salted and spiced correctly and the mung beans are getting softer, proceed to add a can of coconut milk and let it boil once more. Once the stew comes to boil, TURN OFF THE FLAME.

In a casserole (I use Terracotta De Silva), saute in sesame seed oil three tbsp of whole cumin seeds until the seeds get brown, add one a half canned of diced plain tomatoes. Add three tbsp of grated ginger, two tbsp of ground coriander and one tbsp of ground Turmeric and cayenne pepper and pink salt to taste.  


While waiting for all this boiling process to end, get a bunch of cilantro. Chopp it up and slice one lime for you and one lime for her or him. You will need this to garnish and add a little more flavor to the final product.


After five minutes of sauteeing all the listed ingredients, add three cups of distilled or filter water, three sprouted cups of mung beans and let everything come to boil for at least twenty minutes. Taste the stew to make sure the salt and the spicy level is what you want. This a is a perfect time to modify your dish.


Ginger is the underground rhizome of the ginger plant with a firm, striated texture. The flesh of the ginger rhizome can be yellow, white or red in color, depending upon the variety. It is covered with a brownish skin that may either be thick or thin, depending on whether the plant was harvested when it was mature or young. The best way to grind ginger is when the root is frozen. I always keep a good amount of it in my freezer.

You may want to serve yourself a nice sugarless sweet drink or beer before you squeeze the lime into the dish topped with fresh chopped cilantro. This is probably the most complex dish I’ve ever featured in my blog. You and your significant others will enjoy so much, that you will go back to the casserole for more.


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