It is unnecessary for me to show you how to make a burger. I will, however, tell you that a simple marination on the mushrooms can make all the difference between a good burger and A GREAT ONE. After washing the portobellos, cut the tip of the stem eliminating the hard part, place them side up on a baking sheet or any other flat container. Sprinkle DRIED rosemary) (Fresh rosemary can create bitterness on the mushroom , black pepper, and pink salt. Feel free to add minced garlic if you want. Once all your condiments are in the mushroom cap, proceed to pour the oil of your choice, I choose cold pressed sesame seed oil. Give it at least 20 minutes for all the flavors to get into the Portobello and grill them.  I DO NOT recommend any liquid igniters  to be used when you grill. Start the fire with caution, a lighter and plain paper. Always use natural charcoal and never use a degreaser to clean your grill. A metal sponge and a natural dish detergent will do the trick.

1f60b  ENJOY!!!

I used only organic ingredients to dress up the burgers. Romaine lettuce,fresh tomatoes, vegan Just Mayo, ketchup, whole wheat and white burger buns, mustard. The only animals present were, my little goose “Messy” and Benzo my dog.

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