It all starts by soaking the lentils overnight or for at least six hours. As I stated before, please use filtered, purified or distilled water to soak anything. Your tummy will be happier knowing that there is any chlorine, antibiotics or any of the other stuff found in the faucet water lately. Place the lentils in the blender (I use Ninja), add curry to taste, pink salt, and lots of fresh ground black pepper and one-quarter of a cup of water. In this particular dish, butter or oil are optional.

Blend, blend, blend until you get a nice doughy texture. (Texture a little thicker than a pancake mix). Taste the mix before you empty the blender jar and fix accordingly. Pre-heat the oven to 360 degrees.

You can use a muffin baking sheet, I used a cast iron pan to bake mine. Spread ghee or the oil of your choice on the pan. Bake for at least 20 minutes and see if they loo like mine 😉

I mixed fresh avocado with pink salt and white pepper and topped mine with micro greens.

Eat them while they’re hot. 1f60bENJOY !

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