This amazing dish takes lots of waiting, but every single second of the wait it’s worth it. Soak the fava beans overnight along with three guajillo and three spicy Arbol peppers. Always use distilled or filtered water to soak any grains. Think, that all that water is going to be absorbed by the grain and later this grain will release it into your tummy. The next day, after your cup of coffee, strain and rinse the beans. Put the soaked peppers to the side and put the beans to cook in a fresh batch of filter or distilled water. 

While the beans are cooking, place the peppers (without the stem), in the blender. Add two bay leaves, two spoonfuls of creamy peanut butter, a tablespoon of cumin and pink salt. You are going to wait for at least a half hour until the beans are cooked. Strain the fava beans but this time save the water. Add the water from the beans to the blender little by little and blend, blend, blend until you see a nice creamy texture. Put the pot where you cooked the beans back to the flame and add your favorite cooking oil. Strain again your blended sauce when you add it to the pot and be very careful.

After you place back the beans into the boiling sauce, be ready to witness the most natural creamy sauce that your eyes have seen. You’ll need to keep stirring at all times. Wait for at least a good twenty minutes of boiling and you better be ready to enjoy the Fava Bean Dish of the Year. Get some good tortillas or bread handy, a good beer or a good glass of wine. Enjoy !!

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