Ok. This breakfast meal is going to blow your mind away. Go to your favorite e-supermarket and buy an Organic Buckwheat flour. Follow the instructions to make the dough (it’ll take you about two hours), forget about the molasses, the “other” all purpose flour, and the eggs, follow all the steps without using these ingredients. Use the same flour to dust the dough to avoid stickiness.     

The amount of dough needed for a fried bread is about the size of a baseball. Use your hands to form a pancake shaped piece and have your saucepan heated with Organic cold pressed sesame seed oil and start frying carefully at very low heat. The dough will absorb the oil very fast so have the oil ready near the saucepan to avoid having a smokey kitchen.

Your bread should look like mine. Stay near the stove to avoid burned bread and start piling them up like pancakes. You can have them for lunch accompanied by black olives, feta cheese, and sliced green peppers or for breakfast topped with either, Organic raw agave nectar, Organic Coombs Family farm maple syrup, Organic molasses or with your favorite Organic RAW honey. I had them the vegan way. 1f60b  

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