It all starts with 1 Dried Chipotle pepper, 5 dried Guajillo peppers, 3 dried Arbol peppers, 2/3rds canned Tomato Sauce, two bay leaves, 1/2 tbsp of cumin, pink salt to taste and two cups of water. Boil everything and stop at the first boiling sign. Saute  the cauliflower florets and diced potatoes in cold pressed sesame seed oil with black pepper for ten minutes. Carefully blend the pepper and tomato mix and pour into the casserole with the potato and broccoli mix and cook for at least twenty minutes.    

Soak the beans in purified or distilled water for at least three hours, then saute the savory leaves with the other third of the tomato sauce can with Organic extra virgin sunflower oil and let it cook, and cook and cook. I had to add water four times before the beans were edible. I would’ve normally sprout the beans for at least seven hours, but time was not on my side this time and I paid the consequences. Turkish and Bulgarian beans are almost the same in texture, so allow them an extra hour to be ready.

The smell in your house will be unbelievable. Select your best plate, do the Top N Flip trick from my other posts. Place the beans around the adobo pile and garnish as you wish. I used a piece of avocado that my seven-month-old daughter was eating, so if it doesn’t look that good it’s her fault. Accompany with hot tortillas or a piece of bread. Have a beer or soda reachable in case of fire in your mouth. Another thing to keep in mind is to cover yourself from any adobo splashes 😉


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