Buckwheat is one of the most unused grains in today’s society, but I love eating it and therefore cooking it. I place the buckwheat In my Italian Terracotta casserole with fennel seeds, white pepper, a dash of dried basil, pink salt and cover it with water approximately one inch above the surface. It cooks very fast especially if you use the organic toasted buckwheat.   

Boil one red beet, one yellow pepper, and two carrots at the same time that you boil the buckwheat and wait for everything to cool down. Do not add any condiments to the veggies. 

Find someone to impress with this delicious salad. Your tummy will be delighted.

After everything cools down, dice the veggies and mix them with your buckwheat. Add fresh avocado and my favorite spicy organic jalapeno nacho slices La Preferida. To make it look like mine. Put the salad mix inside a cup, place a plate on top of the cup and just flip it. To balance the spiciness, slice a fresh organic peach and decorate your dish.                                          1f60b   

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