You can pretty much see all the ingredients in this picture: Organic tomatoes, organic green and yellow peppers, dried savory, organic bay leaves, organic black pepper, Himalayan salt, organic cayenne pepper, and sprouted organic Mung beans.

Sautee all the condiments in organic cold pressed sesame seed oil between five to seven minutes then add the beans. Once you have everything in the pot (I use clay), boil for another ten minutes so you keep all the nutrients in the mung beans.

It is extremely important to sprout the beans for at least seven hours and then rinse them all the way.

Cut a green pepper in half and remove the stem and seeds. Cut five thin slices of fresh beet and julienne one of them,

Place the cold Mung bean mix inside the halved green pepper, grab the beet slices and “JUST BEET IT”


ENJOY !!! 

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