I’ll show you a ten-minute process to make an AVOCADO AND SPROUT SANDWICH. Get all your ingredients ready. Put ground white pepper, Himalayan pink salt, Bragg nutritional yeast and a dash of organic Bragg apple cider vinegar.

Add chopped cilantro, the organic sprouts of your choice, the juice of a whole lime, avocado, and just mayo. Also, chop the annoying ends of the tomato and add them to the mix 🙂

Mix everything in your bowl until you get the texture of a tuna salad. In the meanwhile, spread your whole wheat bread (I use organic Rudi’s) with your favorite organic mustard and organic ketchup

Place your sliced tomato on top of the bread, place your salad and TA-RA_N !! If you can handle it, do like me. Place some slices of organic La Preferida pickle jalapeño slices and get ready to enjoy.


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