I had some cooked wild rice that I used to make my vegetarian risotto the other day so I decided to make another dish with it. The result was impressive even for me. I started by sauteeing fresh kale with red and yellow peppers, cremini mushrooms, asparagus, nutmeg, three cloves, and broccoli in cold pressed sesame seed oil with pink salt and black pepper. Because of my seven-month-old daughter, I had an already baked butternut squash and a baked sweet potato. (She loves food like this).  

After five minutes of cooking the veggies and the squash, add and mix the rice. Pour the other half cup of water and cook for an extra five minutes. When it’s all cooked, fill up a round cup with your rice mix and cover it with the plate where you wish to serve your meal. Flip it and . . . You got it !

While your veggies are cooking, add the baked butternut squash without the skin. Add a half cup of water for faster cooking.

Smash the baked sweet potato until it becomes creamy and scoop it as if it was ice cream. Place it on top of your rice and VOILA!

All ingredients I used are only Organic.

I hope it is as easy for you to prepare it, as it was for me.

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