When you come home and all of a sudden you find these ingredients, what do you do? You make a simple snack and maybe make the same for your honey to take to work. I sure hope your knife is sharpened enough. If the plant needs water, please water it !!!. The earth and all of us will appreciate it.

But don’t forget this gig was not only about you. So this is the TO GO VERSION. You better do good for your honey bunny. So this is how hers looked !!! 

Enjoy and be nice to your loved ones. It may be your last chance !!!


So get three slices out of your Roma tomato. Cut three ends of your fresh mozzarella cheese ball. Sprinkle your Nutritional dry yeast all over the plate. Pepper it, pour a few drops of your favorite balsamic reduction and then ask your basil plant to borrow four of leaves. If your plate does not look like this, DO IT OVER !! (One leaf has to be julienne or thinly sliced). 

At the end, we all win. The most important thing about cooking is to do it from the heart. Finish the dish with your favorite extra virgin olive oil.

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