Put the organic wild and arborio rice to cook with dried basil, dried oregano, and one bay leave and get your veggies and everything else ready.

I also put dried basil to season the veggies. There is nothing wrong with that. 1f60b

I use flax milk instead of cow milk, you can use whatever milk or cream of your choice. 

Before you add the cream or milk, splash your veggies with white wine.

I like to think that there are no rules on what to make risotto with, so feel free to add any vegetable you want. I use organic sesame seed oil to ook the veggies with plus I add black pepper and pink salt.

As you add your rice mix to the casserole, you’ll start seen how the risotto gains its form.

Keep stirring the casserole once you start mixing your rice until you get the creaminess wanted.

Garnish it as you please and ENJOY !!!! I ate it  while reading about Stephen Hawking. 

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