It was an experiment so, sorry but I didn’t take many pictures of it. I was wondering on how to cook a cauliflower that I bought just because it looked beautiful and then I saw green peppers and a single tomato sitting¬†right next to it. So I started by breaking apart the florets, I sliced the green pepper and chopped the tomato and placed everything in my already heated clay pot with organic sesame oil, dried basil, dried oregano, black pepper and Himalayan pink salt. After five or seven minutes and a few stirs, I added organic green olives and a whole can of an organic onion-less tomato sauce. While my mystery dish was cooking, I proceeded to make my agua fresca¬†

With an organic piece of bread drizzled with my favorite Bragg’s organic extra virgin olive oil. My agua fresca and my favorite lady, lunch time arrived. I sliced a piece of German cheese on my plate. The lady enjoyed hers The Vegan way.

Allow twenty minutes after you add the tomato sauce for your dish to be ready. Enjoy !!!

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