The most important action to take on grains is to sprout them before cooking with them. Sprout your lentils for at least six hours before boiling.

Don’t mind the wine. I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it on my cooking 🙂

Start your pot with sesame oil at low flame. Throw in some cumin, paprika, dried basil, pink salt, and one bay leaf. Add your tomato sauce and sprouted lentils. Stirr and add a quarter of an inch of water above the surface of the grains.

Somewhere between fifteen and twenty minutes of cooking, Add fresh spinach to the mix. Line up your vinaigrette ingredients and turn off the flame.

So you have your fresh Tomato and Orange Juice Vinaigrette with white pepper, pink salt, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin sunflower oil. Use the greens of your choice to pad your plate with. Place the French Lentil Stew in it, garnish with avocado or a very nice hot pepper and ENJOY !!! 

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