Start by gathering all your condiments.

Peel and slice your beautiful looking eggplant.

In the mix, there is almond flour, Parmesan cheese, white pepper, dried basil, pink salt and breadcrumbs.

Cover the eggplant with your breading mix. Use Marsala wine and sesame seed oil to batter the slices of eggplant. It works like a charm.

Put your oil to heat up. Please be cautious and cover the pan and always use the cover to shield yourself when lifting the lid.

If your fried eggplant doesn’t look like this, please review all the previous steps 😉

Here is where the fun starts. After you are done frying your sliced eggplant. Use the same pan, just the way it is after the frying and add your sliced mushrooms, white pepper and Marsala wine (after you sauteed the mushrooms for at least three minutes) and just boil the wine out of it 🙂

So, you have your fried eggplant, your sauce working. Why don’t you cook some pasta in the mid time? Pile up three pieces of fried eggplant and place two slices of your favorite cheese and place them in the oven at low broil. When your pasta is cooked enough, throw some Parmesan cheese in it and add black or white pepper on it. Your sauce is going to need a thickening agent. Use almond flour mixed with Marsala wine and add it to the mushroom Marsala sauce. Turn off the heat on the sauce. Get your eggplants out of the oven and place them on your favorite plate. Add the pasta and as much Marsala mushroom sauce as you like and if your dish doesn’t look like this, please try again. Your tummy will appreciate it 🙂

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