If Donald Trump eats this tacos, he’ll forget about building the wall. Once carnitas, carne asada, chicken and what not came out of my diet, I have been looking for some good vegetarian tacos here and there. More than once I’ve been disappointed and more and more I’ve been inspired to creating my own. While enjoying a Chicago made IPA beer, I put tomatillos and Serrano peppers to boil with a pinch of cumin and bay leaves. I constantly use organic bay leaves and organic cumin because they’re ingredients that make my soul happy.WP_20160228_15_29_56_Rich_LI (3)




When the tomatillos are about to burst, i placed them in the blender with just a little of the same water where I boiled them with fresh cilantro and pink salt and blend everything to make my salsa verde (feel free to add onions if you please), then I sautéed green peppers, mushrooms with a pinch of paprika, pink salt, white pepper and bay leaves in my Italian made clay pot and when everything was cooked I added grated Parmesan cheese to add a taste of creaminess to   the mix. .


The number one problem with home prepared tacos is: you guessed it, TORTILLAS. Until I get to make my own, I have to settle with the Non GMO tortillas available at my favorite store. When you warm the tortillas make sure you sprinkle some water on them so you bring out the softness and tenderness.

Crumble queso fresco, slice some avocado and cut some lettuce your way. Bring all your preps and cooking to the table along with your tortillas and start the party.

Mushroom mix first. Then lettuce. Pour salsa verde over your new born taco and sprinkle with queso fresco, place the avocado on top, open another beer because you are going to need it and enjoy while listening to your favorite mariachi music.



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