While YouTubing The Gypsy Kings I started boiling my potatoes


Cooking or preparing something is all about being full of what you have in mind. I haven’t used garlic in my kitchen for a long time in respect to the mother of my baby girl and also because I believe the logic about garlic and it’s properties: If we only use antibiotics when we need them, then let’s use garlic (nature’s most powerful antibiotic), when we need to as well.

I infused the filtered water with pink salt and rosemary and placed the potatoes to boil. Waiting for the potatoes to cool down is the most you have to do to prepare this amazing dish.


Since I believe that the rules on cooking are the same as in eating, you can do whatever you want to cool down your potatoes. while you do that, place your salt and white pepper on a bowl, chop fresh parsley and garlic. Add them to the bowl and mix them with vegan JustMAYO mayonnaise. Dice your potatoes and add them to the mix. Put more garlic, put more salt WHO CARES. You will start seen one of the most beautiful potato salads in the world developing before your eyes. If you’re lucky and the Tempranillo from la Rioja kicks in, you’ll be seen a double salad.

I avoid the use of onions and try to use only ORGANIC and vegetarian friendly products if possible but thats ME, you substitute as you please.

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Presentation is as important in the food as a good ending to a book. It is believed that 80% of the full enjoyment of the meal is trough the eyes. Get creative when you present your food. I cut thin slices of red pepper to top the salad and I placed over fresh spinach

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