When is the best time to have a smoothie???  Whenever you feel like having one.

InstagramCapture_6b837945-310a-45e1-8a54-3ada552759d2  I came home from a sixty degree outdoors (wow right?), thirsty and hungry and the first thing I saw in the fridge was this half of papaya screaming at me: “pick me, pick me” so I did. I peeled the skin then grabbed a banana. Added some raw organic Russian honey, Mexican cinnamon, organic Madagascar vanilla and flax milk and placed all in my five year old blender.

                                               WP_20160229_08_44_58_Rich_LIThere is a satisfactory creamy taste of everything in the smoothie, like if that was their only purpose.


 Nothing can compare with the freshness of home made food, or beverages in this case.


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