WP_20160228_22_09_54_Rich_LILiving in Chicago, famous for it’s steak cuts, pizza, hot dogs and burgers; turning into a vegetarian in this deliciously addicting environment is no joke. As a matter of fact it’s challenging. We went place to place in search for a nice veggie burger and when we weren’t laughed at, we got terribly disappointed. So one day while walking in a grocery store (Whole foods) I ran into this Vegan Organic Worcestershire sauce and I had an idea.


I put a mix of Organic Quinoa and Toasted Organic Buckwheat to boil with a little Bulgarian paprika, bay leaves and finely chopped bell peppers, (You can add garlic or onions) and the Worcestershire sauce with a tiny pinch of Himalayan pink salt. You cook this grains the same way as you cook rice. (Two parts of water per part of grain) until all the water evaporates. While still hot, mix almond flour and add more of the Worcestershire sauce until you get the smokiness desired. Pour scotch over ice and have a sip. Then have another scotch on the rocks and check if the grain mix is getting tough. If it becomes too hard add water, don’t waste the scotch, and start making the patties

WP_20160228_22_09_54_Rich_LI (1)

Pour unrefined organic sesame seed oil in a sauce pan and heat it up, place the patties to seal the edges with the oil. Remember, you don’t need to cook them again so as soon as they get to the point of looking like a burger, you got it. Grab the buns, grab the lettuce, grab the mustard, the ketchup, the pickles. Play with those buns like you mean it. Place your favorite slice of cheese on the veggie Patty and broil until the cheese melts over it. Place the patty inside the dressed up buns and voila.



I always try to use ORGANIC ingredients when available and ALWAYS make sure NOT to use GMO products at all.


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